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Your Headquarters displays all of your news and your statistics.

Energy is the key to this game. It allows you to battle, train, pray, work, etc.

When your experience reaches a certain preset amount you will go up a level and receive three points. These points can be used to raise your stats, or can be sold to get you money. To use points go to the Battle Field and allocate them to speed, strength, health, robbery, and confidence.

Food can be used as an alternative to going to the hospital. Food is cheaper than reviving, so when you are dead, food can bring you back to health, then you can go to the hospital, and your healing cost will be cut in half.

Weapons and Armour
There is also a list of your weapons and armour in your accommodation. From there you can arm or disarm yourself by clicking "equip" or "unequip" next to the item's name. You may also sell your weapons and armour from your Headquarters by unequipping your the item/s and then clicking sell. You will receive 40% of the original cost of the item.

Underneath your armour and weapons options there is a list of item's you own.. the items on Life of crime are items you purchase from the supermarket. or drugs you purchase from other players or you get from land.
(See the Land Helpfile)

If you scroll to the bottom there is a section where you can vote at SG, TWG and TRPG for extra energy. Voting makes the server cheaper for Soj.

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