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When your experience bar is all filled up, you will gain a level, whether it be fighting a bot, person, or the battle simulator. When you gain a level, you will get three points. With each point you can do one and only one of the following:
  • Health: One point adds (9 + your level)HP to your total
  • Strength: One Point adds one strengh stat point
  • Speed:One point adds one speed stat point
  • Confidence: One point adds one Confidence stat point
  • Robbery: One point adds on Robbery stat
Unless you are playing to become a thief, and a thief only, I do not recommend spending points on Robbery. As you fight people in the Battlefield you can gain or lose confidence, so there is no need to use points to confidence.

Also if you wish to get very high health points its best to save up your points until you have around 30-50 for big health upgrades

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