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1 - LoC Game Rules


The following is a combination of the existing Terms of Service, Chat Rules, Message Board Rules, and Rule updates made in Game Announcements. This list is not comprehensive, and rules may be updated or altered by members of the Senior Staff at any time (such rules changes will be brought to the attention of players through the 'Game Announcements'). In addition to this, the consequences for inappropriate behaviour (as defined here or as judged by Game Staff) are at the disgression of the Life of Crime (LoC) staff, and as such may vary from time to time.

If you are unsure about whether something is within the LoC rules, please contact an appropriate member of the game Staff (Senior Staff or Admin Team).


  • The admins/owner are not responsible for any illegal, offending, or inappropiate actions made by users inside or outside of the game, including internet and real life actions.
  • The admins/owner are allowed to deny any person access to the game without a valid reason, nor does any reason have to be told to the player.
  • The admins/owner have no obligations towards any player.
  • The admins/owner can kill or delete an account when the rules are broken.
  • The admins/owner have the right to make decisions base on non-written rules or to change the rules in the future, even without contacting the player.
  • Players that donate have no extra rights and can't claim rights. The purchase of VIP Packs is considered a voluntary donation to the game, and as such the LoC Staff have no contractual obligations towards any player(s) who donate in such a way.
  • This game may not be appropriate for persons under the age of 15, by playing the game, or signing up for an account, you agree that you are over the age of 15.
  • By creating an account, or sending in-game mail, you agree to allow the admins/owner access to your in-game mail, whether they notify you or not. (This generally won't occur, unless a serious matter arises.)


Major changes to the ToS will be announced in your Headquarters, on the Announcement page, and on the message board, although it is the responsibility of the player to be aware of and in compliance with the ToS at all times. Failure to comply with the ToS will result in the immediate jailing and/or deletion of your account. These ToS applies to everyone player of Life of Crime, including staff.
Life of Crime does not guarantee that you will be able to login to the game and / or gain access all parts of the game. Certain parts may be unavailable to players due to they're browser version, firewall, security settings, or a problem occurring within the game.
Any accounts found not to be used for more than 15 days may be deleted without notice. If you still want to play, but cannot access the game, you will need to freeze your account from the in-game Cryogenic Station.
Life of Crime does not guarantee that all sections of this game are appropriate for all ages. Some sections may contain inappropriate language. At any stage, you may not link to any adult / pornographic sites, or have any adult / pornographic pictures set as your display picture. If this happens, your account will be deleted, and your IP Address will be banned. By clicking the "Create" button, you agree to the terms of this ToS and know that any non-compliance with the ToS will have your account jailed/deleted.
You are NOT allowed to have multiple accounts, unless both of the accounts belonging to you have VIP days. Any suspicious behaviour is monitored by game staff, if you are warned and you choose not to comply, then your account(s) will be removed immediately.
Life of Crime is not censored. Abusing players verbally with gender related remarks, racial remarks, and religious remarks online anywhere in the game is considered a violation of the ToS. Depending where this violation occurred, certain punishments will take place (i.e. Message Boards banning, jailing, and deletion if kept up).
Bugs, loopholes and any inconsistencies in the game should be immediately reported to the appropriate e-mail address loc@sojdesign.com or on the appropriate Message Board. Individuals who use any of these to their advantage or tell others so they may use them will be jailed/deleted immediately. Any individual who attempts to reverse engineer, hack, gain unauthorized entry into or undermine the system integrity of Life of Crime (including attempting to access any internal part of the game from an offsite location) will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.
You may be dealt with for breaking any rules of Life of Crime by staff, as they see fit. Be aware, that there is NO reason that will excuse you from punishment, for breaking an in-game rule. The Terms of Service are constantly changing / being updated, and it's your repsonsibility to continously check back here to check for additions and modifications.


  • No racism.
  • No excessive bad language (swearing of inappropriate language, as determined by LoC Staff)
  • No revealing yours, or others account information.
  • No flooding the chat room.
  • No talking all in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • No advertising for other games.
  • Listen to Staff if they tell you something.
  • Don't disrespect Staff or other players.

  • Temporary ban from chat.
  • Account jailed.
  • Account Deleted.


  • No racism in posts/replies.
  • No excessive bad language in posts/replies.
  • No posting yours, or others account information.
  • No flooding the boards.
  • Don't disrespect Staff or other players.

  • Temporary ban from all boards.
  • Account jailed.
  • Account deleted.


  • Players are, in normal circumstances, allowed only one account
  • If BOTH accounts have VIP days, players are allowed two accounts per person
  • Players ARE NOT allowed more than two accounts under ANY circumstances, even if all accounts have VIP days.
  • If more than one non-VIP account or more than TWO accounts of any kind will be accessed from the same computer/IP Address, the players concerned must inform Game Staff of this fact, as well as the reasons behind it.
  • If a player runs out of VIP days in one/both accounts, they will be given a reasonable period of time in which to purchase a new VIP pack for the account(s) concerned.

  • Account(s) jailed.
  • Account(s) Deleted.


To try and maintain equality amongst players and avoid any abuse of this system (knowingly or otherwise), players will no longer be allowed to mind/train other player's accounts without the express written consent of one or more of the Senior Staff (Soj, Varuca or DangerMouse). Permission to mind/train accounts for other players will only be granted occasionly, in certain special circumstances, and only for a limited time!! If players are going to be absent from the game for an extended period of time, they can have their account frozen by visiting the 'Cryogenic Station' in the City.

  • Account(s) jailed.
  • Account(s) Deleted.


RULES REGARDING GAME 'SCAMS':(Updated 17/01/2006)

As of the now, all game scams are illegal under Life of Crime rules. All previous references to their legality contained in the Help Files of Message Board will no longer operate, and will be removed as quickly as possible.

The following behaviour constitutes a 'Game Scam':
(Please note, this list is not exhaustive, and may be updated or added to at any time!!)
  • Removal of any equipment (weapons/armour) or money from any gang by a gang staff member prior to leaving a gang
  • Transferring large quantities of equipment or money to a player, other than themselves, by a gang staff member prior to leaving a gang
  • Obtaining money or equipment through any kind or deception, either deliberate or otherwise, of another player
  • Obtaining money or equipment by refusing to honour your side of any verbal or written trade agreement with another player
**In additon to these provisions, the following points should also be noted:**
  • The Senior Staff reserve the right to act in any situation where, in their opinion, events constitute a 'Game Scam', even if the situation is not expressly stated above
  • All actions taken by a player with multiple accounts will be treated as actions by the one account. Therefore, scams involving transfers of money to a multi account when a deal has been made using a different account will not escape punishment
  • All punishments given to players with multiple accounts will be applied to BOTH accounts, not just the account involved in the scam
  • The Senior Staff and Admin Team reserve the right to impose any punishment they deem necessary, even if this involved fines inexcess of the financial or other reward gained from the scam
  • All rules and regulations stated above are subject to review or change at any time. It is the responsibility of players to regularly check these rules, as lack of knowledge will not be an acceptable excuse to any illegal conduct.
  • The Senior Staff and Admin Team have no responsibility towards players, and may take actions in these and all other matters as they see fit.
  • Although Staff will attempt to return all scammed items, circumstances may not always allow this. If funds/items cannot be recovered, the scammed player does not have to be compensated. Compensation will only be made if/when the scammed items can be recovered.

  • Account(s) jailed (time to be decided by staff. The length of jail time will depend on the severity of the scam)
  • Account(s) deleted (for more serious scams)
  • Player fined
  • Temporary bans

Help file written by Soj ID.1, Varuca ID.367 & DangerMouse ID.543

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