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The mail allows you to privatly talk to other players within the game. This is ideal if you are discussing plans within the game or even telling someone your email. It is not recommended that you mention your email in the chat/message boards if you don't want other people to add you on MSN, etc.

Receiving Mail
When people send you mail it will go to your mailbox, and it will look like this:


The number enclosed in the brackets tells you how many messages you have received but you will have a notice sent to your Cardboard Box (or other Headquarters) as well. You need to emtpy your mailbox regularly as it can fill up. VIPs receive extra mail space (25 more every VIP pack).

Sending Mail
Sending mail is very basic and you dont have to have a degree in rocket science to understand it. You just type your desired message and press send. You may receive an error saying:

Rustage ©'s mailbox is full. You can't send him any mail.

If so, I recommend you transfer $1 to the other plays account bearing the message "Empty your mailbox please." The player may not realize there is a message so don't go attacking the guy who delivers your mail if you don't get a reply straight away.

Help File written by Rustage ©.

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