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There are two types of land in the LoC world.

  • Gang Land

  • Land

Gang Land
Gang land is a way for your gang to increase in size. You can buy this item from the Real Estate Agency. The land increases the cap of your gang by 10. It costs $500,000.

Regular land can be found be exploring the world, or buying it from the Real Estate Agency. Plots of land are usually alot cheaper in the world then when they are Auctioned in the Real Estate Agency.

Among this land there is Developing Land and Growing Land. On Developing Land, a refinary can be built to refine Raw Opium. On Growing Land seeds can be planted in order to grow a crop. When the crop grows to 100%, it can be harvested and used.

Coca Seeds grow into Cocaine
Opium Poppy Seedsgrow into Raw Opium
Marijuana Seeds grow into Marijuana
Rose seeds grow into Roses

REMEMBER make sure that you have enough moves to get back to The City (0,0)!

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