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2 - Rules Regarding Game 'Scams' (Updated 17/01/2006)

RULES REGARDING GAME 'SCAMS':(Updated 17/01/2006)

As of the now, all game scams are illegal under Life of Crime rules. All previous references to their legality contained in the Help Files of Message Board will no longer operate, and will be removed as quickly as possible.

The following behaviour constitutes a 'Game Scam':
(Please note, this list is not exhaustive, and may be updated or added to at any time!!)
  • Removal of any equipment (weapons/armour) or money from any gang by a gang staff member prior to leaving a gang
  • Transferring large quantities of equipment or money to a player, other than themselves, by a gang staff member prior to leaving a gang
  • Obtaining money or equipment through any kind or deception, either deliberate or otherwise, of another player
  • Obtaining money or equipment by refusing to honour your side of any verbal or written trade agreement with another player
**In additon to these provisions, the following points should also be noted:**
  • The Senior Staff reserve the right to act in any situation where, in their opinion, events constitute a 'Game Scam', even if the situation is not expressly stated above
  • All actions taken by a player with multiple accounts will be treated as actions by the one account. Therefore, scams involving transfers of money to a multi account when a deal has been made using a different account will not escape punishment
  • All punishments given to players with multiple accounts will be applied to BOTH accounts, not just the account involved in the scam
  • The Senior Staff and Admin Team reserve the right to impose any punishment they deem necessary, even if this involved fines inexcess of the financial or other reward gained from the scam
  • All rules and regulations stated above are subject to review or change at any time. It is the responsibility of players to regularly check these rules, as lack of knowledge will not be an acceptable excuse to any illegal conduct.
  • The Senior Staff and Admin Team have no responsibility towards players, and may take actions in these and all other matters as they see fit.
  • Although Staff will attempt to return all scammed items, circumstances may not always allow this. If funds/items cannot be recovered, the scammed player does not have to be compensated. Compensation will only be made if/when the scammed items can be recovered.

  • Account(s) jailed (time to be decided by staff. The length of jail time will depend on the severity of the scam)
  • Account(s) deleted (for more serious scams)
  • Player fined
  • Temporary bans

Help file written by Soj ID.1, Varuca ID.367 & DangerMouse ID.543

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