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Drugs are items that you can use in order to temporary increase your stats. (strength, speed, confidence and energy) until the reset of the game. Using too many drugs at one time can damage your character's stats.
There are currently 5 types of drugs, each with different levels of stats. The stronger the drug, the higher your temporary stats. will be when you take it.

  • Caffeine Pills– weakest drug (Provides energy only)
  • Petrol
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine- strongest drug

    Drugs can be obtained a few different ways:
  • Purchasing them from the Supermarket at Kangaroo Plains (Caffeine Pill only)
  • Purchasing them from another player
  • Syphoning a drug at the Car Shelter (Petrol only)
  • Plant, harvesting and refining your own drugs

    How Do You Use Drugs
    - Go to the City
    - Go to the Car Shelter (located at the Back Alley)
    - Click on the “Do some Drugs”
    - Enter the number of drugs you want to do into the first box and select the type of drug you want to do in the dropdown box.

    The effects will take place instantly and will be random among your stats.

    Making Your Own Drugs
    Some drugs, such as Marijuana, Heroin, and Cocaine, must be planted from seeds and harvested. Seeds for planting are found in the World and can also be bought from other players. Heroin and Cocaine must also be refined from their raw plant form, after harvesting, in order to get the final product.

    Processing Drugs
    - Plant seeds for the type of drug your wanting to produce
    - Wait until the time for harvest is complete (about 4 days)
    - Go to your land to harvest your crop
    (Note: It does cost money to harvest crop. Each crop is different but the stronger the drug, the more expensive it is to harvest.)
    - Refine the raw form of your harvested plants (For Heroin and Cocaine only)
    (Note: There is an additional cost to process raw forms of drugs. Again, the cost is based upon the strength of the drug.)

    Using Drugs and Drug Overdose
    If a character takes too many drugs, the character’s stats. can be permanently effected. Though you may boost your stats. very high, the following day, your normal stats. may be dropped. In order to “safely” take drugs, the following list has been provide:

    - Marijuana - 3kg
    - Heroin - 2kg
    - Cocaine - 1kg
    - Petrol - 4L
    - Caffeine Pills – No limit on how many you can take; you can not overdose on Caffeine Pills

    You should not mix drugs (i.e. 2kg of Heroin and 2kg of Marijuana).

    Note: This listing is a reference only. If your unsure if your taking too much, DO NOT TAKE IT.

    Help File Updated/Edited by Godfather
    †Bounty Hunter†
    Help File Written by Doug

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