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What is scamming?

If a player or gang tricks, lies, or otherwise misleads another player(s) or gang(s), to their detriment and/or to the benefit of the scammer, this is a scam.

Scamming can be committed in a number of ways, and against a number of different figures. Scams can involve multiple players, player-player, player-gang, or gang-gang. What is constant, however, is dishonest actions on the part of the scammer.

Scamming is illegal under the rules of LoC, as covered by the relevant 'Rules Regarding Game Scams' Help File.

How are scams identified?

A scam does not have any fixed definition, because the modes and instances of scams are constantly changing. A scam is, therefore, anything that a member of the Admin Team or Senior Staff determines to be a scam.

As a general guide, any conduct (saying or doing something, or NOT saying or doing something to correct a mistake of another) which misleads another player into deliberately giving you/another a benefit (money, items, etc.) or detrimental to them (they lose money, items, etc.) is a scam.

If you are unsure about something, you can ask a member of staff, or a senior member of the game about it. It is always better to be safe than sorry!!

What happens to scammers?

The punishments for scams, like for all rule violations, are at the discretion of the game staff. More serious offences will, of course, attract harsher penalties.

Punishments include fines, jail, game bans, deletion and/or IP ban.

Help file written by DangerMouse ID.25.

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