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What are gangs, and why join them?
Gangs are a group of people that have joined under a certain alliance, depending on gang rules, they will not attack each other. Gangs are a good way to meet people, get great deals on weapons and items, and get various things.
Why join a gang? Well it's simple: instead of saving money for weeks on end, you can recieve weapons that have already been bought by other members. If you are new to the game, a gang can help you find out what it's all about( no hokey pokey pun intended).

When you join a gang you will see the following . . .

Headquarters in a gang is basically a summary of the attributes of your current gang. From here, the following is visible:

Members, Staff, And Ranks:
You can click the members link to view who is in your gang, in order from oldest days old, to youngest. (Low id's, to High Id's). The staff list shows who has jobs in your gang. Ranks shows who is given a special rank that is bought by the gang, and handed out to gang members who are deserving of such a title.

This is the amount of experience that has been accumulated from members battling, battle simulator experience does not get taxed.

A gang has the option to lend out anything from their Stockpile. When they lend out something they can 'tag it', which gives the weapon a specific identity. This allows the weapons or armour to be lent out for a certain period of time. Once this time is up, the item gets sent back into the Gang, without notifying you. Gangs can use this option to prevent members from taking the item, and selling it. Members cannot leave with gang weapons. When an item is 'tagged', you can't sell it, or give it to another player. The people in a gang who can lend out the weapons and armour are the Leader, Co-Leader, and Treasurer.

The treasury is the money storage from Money tax and donations to the gang. Money can be sent to individual members from the treasury, by the Gang's treasurer, Gang-Leader, or Co-leader. The treasury does not receive interest at reset.

If you would like to send money to your gang, you withdraw the money from your bank, then click donations, and enter the amount. You may also donate weapons and armour this way, And the amount of money the weapons cost goes to your donations which is visible at your accommodation.

This is a list of everyone in your gang.

Awards Hall:
This is where the most elite of the gang are named for achieving certain attributes, such as most donated experience or money, or highest levels.

Message Board:
This is a board with certain threads to post under. The message boards allow you to request items, money, or get help from the gang. Mostly it is used to keep members informed on what is going on in the gang. You can also make some friends through the gang message board. Depending on the gang, there may also be contests and so on.

Leave Gang:
If you are not pleased with the way your gang is functioning, or if you are interested in joining a different gang, then use this option to leave your gang. It is recommended that you leave a friendly post in the gang's message board regarding why you are leaving to avoid being blacklisted by the gang.

Help File written by Kid Kash ID.84

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