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Gangs (Staff Edition)

Admin Options:
These are options that only admins can use, which are people given jobs by the leader or co-leader. Here are the following Admin Options:

Change Staff:
This is an option that is used by the leader or co-leader to replace or add a staff member. The staff list is as follows, Leader, Co-leader, Recruiter, Treasurer, and Stockpile Holder.

Gang Options: Here you can change the HTML or change how hight u want the exp or money taz to be

Member Ranks:
Gang ranks are specially handed out rewards to members who have donated more, and been more active.

The Stock pile is where all the donated weapons go, Leaders, and Stockpile Handler can give these out.

Money Stash:
The money stash is where all taxed/donated money goes, it can be given out by the treasurer, and leaders.

This is where all the player applications to the gang go. They can be either accepted or denied by the leader, co-leader, or recruiter.

Invites are sent out to people with or without gangs. The invited players will automatically be accepted when they apply to your gang. It shows invited players that they are always welcome to join your gang. You may also decline invites from here.

Here the Gang Leader can propose a war with another gang or accept/decline another gangs offer.

Kick Members:
Kick one or all members from here.

Item Stash:
This is a new feature. It allows you to give Items to your gang members. i.e.: Drugs.

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