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4 - General Gameplay

When you first start out:
You will have similar stats to these:

Profession: Unemployed
Age: 0 Days Old
Money: $25000
Bank: $250
Opels: 0
Relics: 0

Level: 1
Energy: 100
Alignment: 0
Confidence: 5/5
Health: 15/15
Experience: 0/100
Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Robbery: 1

Last Won: None
Last Lost: None
Battle Status: 0/0/0 (0%)

Now, your proffession is your job. Working can earn you money, and you earn different rates each hour depending on the job. You can start off as either a Beggar or Bail Bondsman, these earn between $50 and $70 an hour. If you would like a better job, you need to upgrade your accomodation and then the jobs will earn you more money.

Your age is the age of your account in days, each night at midnight (game time) 1 day will be added to the age.

The money is the amount of money you have on-hand, it is always best to store any money in the Bank as if you have it on-hand it can be stolen when attacked. You will need money on-hand if your using it to purchase anything.

Opels, opels can be found when exploring "The World". They can also be used in Hinterland to change certain stats of your account.

Relics can be used at "Mustafas Hut" to find the location to find the riot gun.

Your level is the level of your account, when you earn a certain amount of EXP you earn a level and 3 points.

You start with 100 energy every day, when in the Noob Union you get 120.

Alignment isn't really that important, but it determines wether you are good or evil. If it is "-100" your evil, "100" your good.

Confidence is used when attacking other players, an attack uses 1 confidence. If you win the fight your maximum confidence will increase, if you lose it will decrease. To fill this up, a Mocha will max it out again.

Your health starts at 15, you can increase this using Points which you gain when you level. The higher your level, the more health you get per point.

Your experience shows you how close/far from leveling you are. To gain experience you can attack, Other players, Bots or Battle Sims.

Your strength determines how much damage you do when in battle. The higher your strength, the more damage you do.

Your speed determines how many times you hit the opposition during battle. The higher your speed, the more you hit.

Robbery allows you to steal items from shops, the more robbery you have.. the better the items you can steal.

Last Won:
Last won shows the last player you defeated, this could be someone attacking you and losing or you attacking them and winning.

Last Lost:
Last lost whos the last player who defeated you, this could be someone attacking you and winning or you attacking them and losing.

Battle Status:
Your battle status shows how many wins and loses in battle you have, also the total of battles you have had. (Wins/Losses/Total)

I hope this helpfile has helped you alot, and please feel free to mail me if you have any questions!

Helpfile written by Rustage ©.

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