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3 - Game Main Guide

All players start off the game with a ‘Cardboard box’ as accommodation. Accommodation upgrades include Tent ($1200), Caravan ($7000), Apartment ($25000), House ($68500), Headquarters ($193000) & Mansion ($1320000). The better your accommodation the better paid the jobs available to you become!! Accommodations also have HP values, which increase as you upgrade your accommodations. At the moment the use of the accommodation HP in the game is unknown (but Soj says it is going to be good!!). For most players, jobs will not earn you a lot of money and waste a lot of energy and game time; so (at the moment) sticking with your ‘Cardboard box’ is probably the best way to go.

Account Options
This is where you make all the adjustments to your account. There a number of different sections, that allow you to change your name, change your password, insert a character picture, add and remove sections from your layout, and change your gang EXP and money tax levels. If you are a VIP you can also choose a different layout, change the colour of your name, and remove ads from your layout.

Alignment can be positive (good) or negative (evil). You start the game with zero alignment, and you gain or lose alignment by battling good or evil players. Battling a good player will earn you negative alignment (make you evil), while battling an evil player will earn you positive alignment (make you good). Alignment can also be gained by visiting the Church (for good players to increase alignment) in the city, or the Temple (for evil players to decrease alignment) in Hinterland.

Armour Shop
This is simply the place to go to buy armour. Armour includes Shirt - ($250), Jacket - ($500), Kevlar Vest - ($1000), Metal Shield - ($1500), Chest Armour - ($5000), Riot Shield - ($10000), Titanium Shield - ($25000), Dragon-Scale Vest - ($50000) & Plasma Shield - ($100000). The better the armour, the more protection it provides you with in battle (a shirt gives only –1, while a Plasma Shield gives –10). You can also rob the shop, but this requires A LOT of robbery points. Too many failed attempts to rob a shop will result in a ban from all shops for 1-4 days, so be careful with robbery!

Back Alley
This is where you take the drugs you have grown in the world, the more drugs you take the more your stats are boosted. The stat boost is only temporary so be wise when using them

All your banking needs are here. Deposit, withdraw and transfer money (to other players, with an optional note). VIP players also get 5% interest on all money in the bank, but this is capped at $3million (this means you only get interest on money under $3 million, after you go over this mark you get NO interest).

Battle Field
Battle other players or Bots here. You can search by name or ID number for a player or Bot to battle, or you can do a general search. General searches allow you to exclude members of your gang, place level/HP/’money in hand’ restrictions on your search, and display your results in a number of different ways. This will make sure you don’t take on anyone too powerful!!

Battle Simulator
Unlike the battlefield, the battle sim does not involve other players. You can battle the Tiny Mouse (1 HP), The Crazy Girl (5 HP), The Crazy Boy (10 HP), The Middle-Age Girl (25 HP), The Middle-Age Guy (30 HP), The Female Body-Builder (125 HP), The Male Body-Builder (150 HP), The Gangster (300 HP), The Pimp (450 HP), Amazon (600 HP), The Beast (800 HP), Metamorph (1200 HP), The Knight (1800 HP), Barbarian (2000 HP) & Terrorist (3500 HP). Sims increase their HP and difficulty as you go up. The major advantage of the Battle sim is that your gang doesn't take any experience that you earn, allowing you to level up faster. To battle costs only 3 Energy each time, and does not use confidence. The sim is also a great source of money, with the money you get increasing as the difficulty increases.

Bazza’s Bar
The main use of Bazza’s bar is as a source of information. By talking to the drunk you can find out the location of Hinterland ($50) or the shop will with the most money in it ($50). Both of these are not much use at the moment, but may become more useful as Soj upgrades the game!

Binary Land
Another fun place to get some advantage in the game!! The aim of binary land is to find the one digit which lets you score one binary point. You will have to click each of the digits once until you find the one which gives you a binary point (and there are a lot of digits!!). The person with the most binary points at the end of the day will receive an extra 50 energy at reset!

VIP’s can create bots in the Tech Centre in Hinterland only. They can be used in battle, and the stats of your bot can be adjusted to suite your needs (the more stats you add, however, the more it will cost you!).

Bus Station
The Bus station will take you to Hinterland. Tickets cost $500, so it is just as easy to walk there and keep the money!!

Buy Property
Allows you to buy upgraded accommodation or land for your gang. A block of land costs $500,000, and expands your gang’s membership capacity by 10 members.

Fancy a gamble? Well this is the place to go!! Choose a game and see if you can turn that hard earned cash into a small fortune!!!

In game chat section to chat about anything you want. Be warned- abuse and swearing will not be tolerated, so please keep it clean while you are in the chat section. You can chat in general (most popular), newbie or trade sections- whatever suites your needs.

The Church is located in the City, and allows players with positive alignment to increase their alignment through praying. The amount of alignment you gain is random, and praying costs you 3 Energy points. If you have negative alignment, you need to go to the Temple in Hinterland. Advice- It is much easier to improve your alignment through battle if you really want to do this.

The City
This is your major point of reference in the game. The page basically displays the links to all the different sections you need to use in the game, with similar sections grouped together to make life a bit easier for everyone.

Coffee Shop
The Coffee Shop allows you to replenish your energy and confidence once a day. Coffee ($100) restores energy to 100, and Mocha ($250) restores energy to 100 AND puts your confidence back to full.

Confidence is used to battle other players. Each time you battle it uses 1 confidence. Winning battles increases your confidence, and losing battles decreases it. Winning against a player many levels above you earns you more confidence, while losing to a player below you loses you more confidence.

Create Gangs
When you meet the requirements, this is the place to go to create your own gang!! To create a gang you must have $40million, be a VIP, be at least level 50, and NOT be in a gang. The money is used to help create the gang for you.

Cryogenic Station
If you are going to be away or unable to access the game for a long period of time, you are able to have your account frozen by visiting the Cryogenic Station. The minimum period to freeze your account for is 15 days, and once frozen you will not have access to it until the time is up (unless you send an email to Soj and he fixes it up for you, but there are no guarantees this will happen straight away).

Employment Agency
This is where you go to get jobs. You start the game unemployed, and the jobs you are able to access depends on the accommodation you have (the better the accommodation, the better the jobs you are able to get!!). Your profession is displayed on the right hand side toolbar at all times. Simply click the ‘work’ link to start earning those important dollars!!

Energy is the most precious commodity in the game. It is used for just about everything; working, battling, praying, training, battle sim, robbery, etc. Energy is set at 100, and you cannot raise this in any way. Your energy is replenished at reset every day, and you can replenish it once daily at the coffee shop. For normal accounts energy replenishes by 1 point every 15 mins, for VIP players this is 2 points every 15 mins. You can also improve you energy by voting at Top Role Playing Games (TRPG- +25 Energy) and Spire Games (Spire games- +25 Energy). Use your energy carefully, it is your lifeblood!!!

EXP is the experience you have earned from battling. EXP allows you to gain levels, with a set amount of EXP required to gain a level. The amount of EXP needed to gain a level increases each time you gain a level, but the EXP you gain from battles goes up too so don’t worry about that. EXP from battles is also taxed, at varying amounts, by gangs (so check this out before joining if it is an issue for you).

Finance Office
The finance office is where you can upgrade your account from normal to VIP. It includes a run down of all the benefits of being a VIP, as well as costs and details on how to pay. If you do upgrade, don’t panic if it doesn’t happen straight away, it may take up to 5 minutes to register, if not mail a member of the admin team.

Gang Land Gang Land can be purchased for your gang, and allows another 10 members to join the gang. Land costs $500,000, and although it is normally bought by Gang staff it is certainly a valuable way to contribute to your gang (if you have the money...).

Gangs are communities within the game. The gang section gives you a list of all the gangs in the game and their members. Gangs will also normally post their entry requirements and taxes here as well, allowing you to chose the best gang for you!! If you like the look of a gang, simply click on the ‘Apply’ link to send an application off, and wait to see if it is approved.

Health is lost during battle, and once your health reaches zero you lose the battle and cannot battle again while your health remains on zero. You can raise your max health by using points. To restore your health simply visit the hospital, or eat a food item (purchased at the Supermarket). Tip- Eating an apple before visiting the hospital helps to reduce your hospital bill significantly!!

Located at (24,64), Hinterland is one of the major cities in the game. You can reach hinterland by Bus (at the Bus Station) or by leaving the city and travelling to the correct coordinates. Hinterland offers many of the same services as the city, but also has the Tech Centre (create Bots if you are VIP), temple (pray to gain negative alignment if you are an evil player), Mustafa’s hut & the Opel Shop (reset alignment and battle stats, and ‘forget’ last killed/killed by).

Restores your health to full, for a very reasonable price!! Now your gang can cover your hospital bill. Be sure that you don't do it all the time because it counts against your gang debt!

Land is a recent addition to the game. Blocks of land are located throughout the world. All the possible uses of these blocks of land are not yet known....(we suspect you will be able to plant the Opium Poppy and/or Rose seeds you find in the world in the land...)

LoC Webcam
A fun place where you can take a look at the new "developments" in the game...

One of the most recent additions to the game, the lottery is exactly what you would think it is. Lottery is drawn on Monday and Thursday (game time), with prizes for each division displayed on the site. Players can purchase tickets ($50 each) up to a maximum of 10 per draw. Numbers can be random, or you can choose your own!! So if you are feeling lucky, this is the place to head for some quick cash!!

All in-game mail is stored in your mailbox. For regular accounts, your mailbox can hold a maximum of 10 messages as any time (VIP get +25 spaces per pack). Make sure you empty your mailbox regularly, because a full mailbox will mean you CANNOT receive mail from other players. Mail offers a quick and easy way to keep in touch with friends or gang members, and to ask questions of other players. It is NOT to be used to threaten or abuse other players, and those who use mail for the wrong reason will face the consequences!!!

Maintain Property
This section is used for businesses, and has not been completed yet. This will be updated as soon as any change is made.

Message Board
The Message Board is a great way to interact, get help, and make suggestions about the game. Topics in the section include General Discussion, Fun Board, Non-Game, Bugs, Complaints, Suggestions, Game Help, Trading Board, Updates Board, Admin Board, & Gang Board (Links to your gang message board, if you have a gang). The suggestions section allows you to have some say in future updates and developments in the game, while the help and trading sections are also useful. Check it out and you never know what you might find!!

Mustafa’s Hut
Mustafa’s Hut is located in Hinterland, and gives players information on the 'Riot Gun'. For 180 Relics Mustafa will 'perform his magic' and give you the location of the 'Run Down Shack' and tell you what percentage the gun is complete. But don't take everything Mustafa says as fact, because everyone makes mistakes sometimes...

The newspaper allows players to keep up to date on all that’s going on in the game. All the Game Announcements are included in the daily Newspaper, as well as classified ads put in by other players. You can put your own ad in the paper for $10,000, but please keep it clean- abuse or swearing will not be tolerated. Other sections include a guide to the city (goof for players starting out), and property listings (not yet applicable as businesses have not been completed).

Noob Union
The Noob Union is a place where new players can get help and advice with the game. Take a visit anf enjoy the benefits during your first 30 days in the game!!

Opel Shop
This shop is located in Hinterland. The Opel Shop allows you to put those Opels you have collected to good use!! You can reset your battle stats, switch your alignment (from positive to negative or negative to positive), or ‘forget’ your last killed/last killed by details. As you often get bad battle stats when you are starting out in the game, getting rid of those bad figures and making a fresh start can be very useful!!

Opels are found by exploring the world, and nowhere else!! You can’t transfer them to other players, and you can’t buy them from a shop. Opels can be used at the Opel Shop in Hinterland to reset your battle stats, switch your alignment, or get rid of your last killed/last killed by information. Hold onto your Opels, they can be handy and may have more uses as the game continues to grow!!

Opium Poppy Seeds
Opium Poppy Seeds are found while exploring the world. We don't know the exact use for these items at this stage, but we suspect they will be used to grow something in the blocks of land in the world:D

Points Market
The points market is only open on Sunday, and allows you to sell your points. Points are very important in the game, and the money you get in return is very little compared to what they are worth. Advice- DO NOT sell your points under any circumstances. Using your points to become stronger will allow you to get much more money in that long run.

Points are gained when you gain a level. You get three points every time you level up. Points are extremely important, as they allow you to increase your strength, speed, HP, confidence or robbery. One point will give you +1 strength/speed/robbery/confidence, while the amount of Health you get increases every time you gain a level. By holding on to points while you gain multiple levels and then using them all at once allows you to gain more health than you otherwise would if you used them every time you gained a level. This can be a great help, as you need every advantage you can get over other players.

This is one place in the game that you NEVER want to become acquainted with. If you break any of the in game rules, chances are you will end up in prison. Admins are able to put players in jail; with the amount of time you spend in there depending on how serious your offence is. Things like multiple accounts, abusing other players, using bad language in the chat section, cheating, of ignoring an Admin warning will probably see you put in prison for some time. While you are in prison you are not able to do anything you would normally do in the game. You are effectively barred from playing for the duration of your prison sentence. The game Admins are fair, so if you end up in here then it is safe to say you deserve it. Make sure you are aware of the in game rules and do not do anything that could result in being jailed. If you are not sure if something is legal or not, then it is better to ask then act. Ask an Admin or member of your gang staff (if you are in a gang), or as a last resort ask Soj if you still can’t find the answer.

Private Eye
Private eye is an option that allows you to find out the stats of other players. You can find out useful information such as the strength, speed, robbery, health, weapons and armour of possible opponents. (Cost $1000, but free of charge to VIP players)

Real Estate Agency
When you want to upgrade your accommodation in the game, the Real Estate Agency is the place to head to. Here you can purchase new accommodations (types and prices are outlined under Accommodation), as well as blocks of land for your gang. The Buy Business link is still included here, but at this stage businesses are not finished. When Soj finishes this, the Real Estate Agency is the place to head to. As well as the link in the City, you are able to access the Real Estate Agency via the ‘Buy Property’ link on the left hand side toolbar.

Relics are found by exploring the world, and nowhere else!! You can’t transfer them to other players, and you can’t buy them from a shop. Relics can be used at MUstafa's Hut in 'Hinterland'. For 180 Relics you can find out the location of the 'Run Down Shack' and the percentage the Riot Gun is complete.

The game is reset once every day. At reset a number of different things happen: (1) Your Energy and Confidence are restored to full, (2) You are restored to full health, even if you were previously unconscious, (3) Your age goes up by a day, & (4) Your daily movement in the World is restored. If you are a VIP, reset is also when you get your daily interest (ONLY if you have less than $3million), and your VIP days will go down by one at this time. Resets can occur at either 12pm or 12am (game time). To choose your desired reset time, simply use the ‘Account Options’ link, located on the left hand side toolbar.

Run Down Shack
This little location is constantly on the move. It is located somewhere in the world, and moves around all the time. It is the only place in the game where you can purchase a 'Riot Gun' (+25 instead of the +10 of the Spaz 12 Shotgun, the next best weapon available). The Riot gun costs $500,000 and 150 Opels. Guns only become ready every 2-3 days, and since the location of the shack may change 5 times during that time, you have to be VERY lucky to find one. For info on where the Shack is, take a look in Mustafa's Hut in Hinterland!! Good luck searching!!!

Rose Seeds
Rose Seeds are found while exploring the world. We don't know the exact use for these items at this stage, but we suspect they will be used to grow something in the blocks of land in the world:D

Speed is used in battle. Basically, the more Speed you have the faster you are in battle. Speed allows you to attack your opponent more often during battle, giving faster players a big advantage. You start the game off with 3 Speed points, and you can gain speed in a number of ways. Firstly, you can use the points you get for gaining levels to increase speed. One point gives +1 Speed. You can also gain speed through training. Visit the Training Grounds and do the ‘100m Sprint’ (costs 5 Energy). Training is a slow process, but well worth the effort, as the amount you train is the only way to gain an advantage over other players of the same level as you.

The Supermarket is located in the City under the Shopping District. The supermarket allows you to buy food items, which can be used to heal your player in the same way the hospital does. The food items available include Apple - ($2), Chocolate - ($5), Loaf of Bread - ($8), Cheese - ($12), Hamburger - ($16), & T-Bone Steak - ($24). The items restore varying amounts of health. The more expensive the item, the more health it restores. Items can be purchased in bulk and stored in your accommodation, allowing you to use them whenever you need them. TIP- eating an apple when unconscious and then using the Hospital can significantly reduce your hospital bill, so make sure you always have a good supply of apples. You are also able to rob the Supermarket; in the same way you can rob the Weapon and Armour Shops. This is difficult and requires A LOT of robbery points. Too many failed attempts will result in a ban from ALL shops for 1-4 days, so be careful with robbery.

S.S.F Base
Removed temporarily.

Stock Market
This section has not been completed yet. This will be updated as soon as any change is made.

Strength is used in battle. Basically, the more Strength you have the more effective you are in battle. Strength increases the damage you inflict on your opponent during battle. You start the game off with 3 Strength points, and you can gain strength in a number of ways. Firstly, you can use the points you get for gaining levels, with one point giving +1 Strength. You can also gain strength through training. Visit the Training Grounds and do the ‘Weight Lifting’ (costs 5 Energy). Training is a slow process, but well worth the effort, as the amount you train is the only way to gain an advantage over other players of the same level as you.

Strip Club
The Strip Club offers another unusual way to restore some of your character’s confidence. At the club you are able to hire either Kandi ($8000/15min. for 5+ confidence) or Tawny ($700/45min. for 1+ confidence). This is very expensive considering your confidence is restored at reset every day, so only use it as a last resort if you are really desperate to battle.

The Temple is located in Hinterland, and has much the same application as the Church in the city. The temple allows evil player (those with negative alignment) to increase their negative alignment through prayer. Prayer costs 3 Energy each time, with the amount of alignment you gain randomly generated.

Training Grounds
The Training Grounds are accessed via the link in the City, and allow you to gain Strength and Speed through training. At the grounds you can either do ‘Weight Lifting’ (costs 5 Energy and gains you a random amount of Strength), ‘100m Sprint’ (costs 5 Energy and gains you a random amount of Speed), or ‘Work Here’ (costs 10 Energy for VERY little money as reward). TIP- Do not bother working here, as you get little money and it wastes a valuable 10 Energy. The training grounds are very important for developing your character, as you will not succeed in the game by just using your points. Make sure you spend time when training when you are starting out, as it will give you an advantage over players who do not and will make gaining levels a lot easier later on!!

Town Hall
The Town hall allows you to access additional information about the game. Here, you can look at the Staff list (list of all Admins, Help File Editors & others involved with the running of the game), Citizen list (list of all players in the game, sorted by ID number), Awards Hall (list of top 5 players in the game by Level, Battle Wins, Battle Losses, Votes, Money and Points), & Information about the creation of the game.

Voting Booth
From time to time Soj will put up a question related to the game up in the voting booth for all players to vote on. You can only vote once, and when a new topic is put up the news will be displayed when you log into your account (on your accommodation screen). You also get a reward ($100) for voting, but the idea of this section is that Soj will ask questions about the games development so he can get an idea of what players want to happen in the game. This is your chance to have your say!!

Vote Links
The vote links are located under ‘Other’ on the right hand side toolbar. The voting links include: Vote at SG (Reward: +25 Energy), Vote at TRPG (Reward: +25 Energy) & Vote at TWG (Reward: +10 Energy). These links, especially the two +25 Energy rewards, are well worth doing daily to give more opportunity to do things in the game.

Weapon Shop
The place for all your weapons needs!! Weapons include Stick - ($250), Plastic Pipe - ($500), Knife - ($1000), Crow Bar - ($1500), Steel Bat - ($5000), Lead Pipe - ($10000), Desert Eagle - ($25000), MP5 SMG - ($50000) & SPAS 12 Shotgun - ($100000). The better the weapon, the more attack power it provides you with in battle (a stick gives only +1, while a SPAS 12 Shotgun gives +10). You can also rob the shop, but this requires A LOT of robbery points. Too many failed attempts to rob a shop will result in a ban from all shops for 1-4 days, so be careful with robbery!

Welfare Agency
The Welfare Agency is where to head if you are Unemployed. Unemployed Players can collect $30 a day from here, which may not seem much, but it can be a huge help when you are starting out in the game. With the amount of Energy you need to waste working, it is probably easier to remain Unemployed and collect your daily $30.

Once you have a Profession, you are able to spend time working to earn money. The better your Accommodation, the better paid your profession can be. You can work a minimum of 3 hours at a time, and every hour you work costs 5 Energy. Working uses up A LOT of Energy and wastes A LOT of time in the game. The amount of money you get for working is also so little that the effort is not justified. TIP- don’t waste your time working, simply explore the world daily and use the battle simulator to get the money you need!!

The World
Every day you are able to explore the world out side the city. For normal accounts, the dimensions of the world are 100 by 100 (for VIP accounts this increases to 250 by 250). Normal accounts have 1000 moves every day, while VIP accounts get 2500 moves. Exploring the world allows you to collect money, relics and opels along the way- a normal player can get $1000+ per day, while VIP’s get about $3000 a day. You can also go through the World to travel to Hinterland (and S.S.F base, although this is not finished yet), which is located at (24,64).

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